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Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) provides access to agency public records through the Virtual File Cabinet (VFC). The scanning of records continues on a daily basis and IDEM makes every attempt to maintain current and accurate information in this electronic document repository. Visit the Office of Records Management for more information. Formal inquiries can be made through a records request [PDF] [DOC].

Please take a few minutes to complete the VFC Feedback Survey.


System Maintenance (2016/03/29)
Due to system maintenance the VFC Search application will be unavailable from Friday, April 1 beginning at 5 PM through Sunday, April 3 at 3 PM. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this brief outage.

Feedback Survey (2016/02/18)
The IDEM Office of Records Management wants your feedback to help improve the VFC public search. Please take a few minutes to take the survey now.

Information on Redacted Documents (2016/02/01)
IDEM provides enhanced access to public records through the Virtual File Cabinet (VFC). However, IDEM sometimes receives records that contain confidential information. When a record contains both public and confidential information, the agency is required to make the public portions of the record available for inspection and copying. Such records will be made available on the VFC with any confidential information redacted.

Search by Document # or by Agency Interest ID (2016/02/02)
If you know the specific Document Number or the Agency Interest ID, you can now search for them directly using the new search field at the top right of the search page. The Agency Interest ID search returns all matches so you don't have to enter the full number before searching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use "Additional Fields" using the Document Search?
A: Select the field from the dropdown list and "click" the Add button. Enter the criteria for the new field. "Click" the Submit button to perform the search.

Q: Why do facilities show up in the VFC "Facility Search" when there are no actual documents available to view?
A: The list of facilities returned include all agency interests -- past and present. Not all agency interests have documents in VFC.

Q: What are other options on how to use search?
A: Use partial values in the search fields for Facility Search (Examples: For address use "123 Way" instead of "123 Way Street"; for primary name use "XYZ" instead of "XYZ Factory Corporation").

Q: How do I find the Agency Interest ID for a site or property?
A: Perform a "Facility Search". The Agency Interest ID in the results is the unique value that IDEM uses for identifying a specific location.

Q: Are there documents that are not in the VFC relating to my property address?
A: In order to fully answer this question, you will need to submit an IDEM formal records request.

Q: Where can I get help with IDEM Acronyms?
A: IDEM has a published list of acronyms on its public site. This list is up to date and includes additional information and links for the various programs that IDEM supports. You may find documents and document fields that are abbreviated using acronyms. This list will assist in clarifying meaning. If you need additional assistance you can contact the Office of Records Management directly.